Toronto Legion Homes (Finchurst)

Any Veteran, Veteran's wife/widow or Legion/Ladies Auxiliary Member

requiring low rental accommodation,

please call 416-222-9945 and speak to Barbara Davis for an application.

The office is OPEN Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

From 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

All applications are judged on meeting our income requirements!


Toronto Legion Homes - Open House - July 27,2017

2017-2019 Chairman, Lilian Jardine and Board of Directors hostes the Annual Garden Party

Good Time was had by All....




A group of legionnaires realize that there was a need for affordable housing for our Veterans and their wives and they went out lobbying for money to build. In the beginning there were 6 small buildings, each consisting of eight apartments - 4 on each of 2 floors. Two of these buildings were one bedroom units and two were bachelor units.

The other was a three storey building with 54 one bedroom units.


On January 18, 1955 under Provincial Charter members of District "D" were appointed Directors of the Corporation.

The main objective of this Corporation was to provide housing for elderly War Veterans and their wives or elderly widows of War Veterans at no profit to anyone.


There were two more buildings erected - one with 40 bachelor units on four floors and known as 125 Stafford Road.


On Saturday, January 11, 1964 marked the official opening of "Finchurst" with the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Earle Rowe, Gordon Carton M.P.P., the Reeve of North York Norman Goodhead, the Metro Chairman Wm. A. Allen, Art Adams President Provincial Command, the Chairman of the Provincial Housing Committee and many other dignitaries in attendance.

It was noted that by January 11th, 1964 there were already 35 apartments filled at 4701 Bathurst with a waiting list on hand. It was also noted that it could not be taken for granted that further assistance would not be required but that this was not the case.

In this building there is a common area on each floor for the tenants to visit should they so wish with a pool table and dart board for recreation as well as a large room in the basement for parties, meetings, etc.

By June of 1964 all apartments in the complex were occupied and the tenants had formed a Social and Recreational Association. In April 1964 the Ontario Government turned over a cheque in the amount of $40,000.00 toward the cost of the newly completed decent low rental apartments for senior Veterans and their wives or widows.

In the early days the North York township Parks and Recreation conducted classes in various hobbies and the Township provided buses for tours for the residents.

The residents through their own efforts had organized many social affairs and were learning to grow old gracefully.

Unfortunately today many of our Veterans and their wives are passing away leaving Finchurst with empty units.

We are still there for anyone who has served in Canada's Military or Allied Forces who need affordable housing.

Due to the vacancy rate accommodation is also available for Legion or Ladies Auxiliary Members seniors who meet the income requirement, each application is considered on its merit and the need of the applicant.

Many of our residents are on very low pensions and our low rents enable them to live and not just exist.

We are basically a seniors' residence however we do review applications from those on social services and disability pensions as well as our younger Veterans who meet our criteria.

Our bachelor units ared for single persons and one bedroom for couples.

The Legion Branches over the years have been a great help by donating funds which go to keeping on top of repairs and we could not manage without their generosity.

Monies donated are used for the comfort of our residents in order for them to live in dignity and not just exist. We are constantly looking for ways to make life at Finchurst enjoyable and safe




Open House 2012 - Veterans, Residents, and Legion members have fun time being entertained by John Semple & Stuart East




































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